In exploring the Khmer Rouge era your first recommended book is Angkor by Michael Coe. What can Angkor say about later Cambodian history? Angkor is an . My first book about Cambodia, Pol Pot's Smile, deals with the Khmer and literary history of this fairly new capital (permanent since ). This book is out of date. I've bought all of his books since the first publication came out in Chandler's research is based on the scholarship of the 70s.

Cambodia History Book

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This is the definitive history in English, and arguably in any language, of a small country with a long and complicated, and at times terrible history. Chandler, who . A History of Cambodia book. Read 26 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This clear and concise volume provides a timely overview of C. 6 Books to Read Before Making Your Way to Cambodia . An informative and factual read into the country's recent history and beyond.

It also looks at her struggle adapting to a new life in a new country with alien cultures, while battling the scars of war and struggling with the despair of loss.

Lucky Child by Luong Ung

It once again pays testament to the resilience of many survivors. Much like his character in the film, Haing is a survivor of the atrocities committed across Cambodia between and Survival in the Killing Fields is an excellently written and moving account of survival in times of unimaginable horror.

Haing was sent to America as a refugee after the war. There, after writing the book, he was murdered on his doorstep. After his hometown is overrun, Nawuth and his remaining relatives are captured and enslaved by Khmer Rouge fighters. He documents their endurance through beatings, starvation, over-work and inhumane living conditions, and their strength and determination to survive.

As a child survivor of the Khmer Rouge, in this book Chanrithy Him recounts her experiences under the regime, when her family of 12 was decimated. Both her parents were slaughtered and five of her siblings died of starvation or illness. Amidst all this horror she still manages to find kindness and courage, and learns that humanity can still shine. Set in Battambang, the novel, which recently picked up two awards in the prestigious Gourmand Word Cookbook Awards for throwing the spotlight on Cambodian cuisine, brings to life modern-day Cambodia and its quirks.

The follow-up, Peppered Justice, was released in November and picks up where its predecessor left off with Inspector Sorn exiled to sleepy Kampot.

Asia Cambodia Books. Save to wishlist. First They Killed My Father: When Clouds Fell from the Sky: A Woman of Angkor by John Burgess. Many things were hard though- there was no educational system to speak of and the judicial system was horrible, there was no question of political opposition to the regime.

But everything is always post-dated, you are always looking with hindsight. There was a ferocity to the place and to its history that anyone who paid attention to it would have picked up. The French managed to put an anaesthetic mask onto the Cambodians to make them behave, calm them down and shut them up.

They told them that they were a country of victims living in a paradise, and it suits people to hear that. Sihanouk encouraged this point of view. But it was the last place you would expect to get so terrifying, Shawcross touches on this in his book.

6 Books to Read Before Making Your Way to Cambodia

These people were not rebellious, or contentious, there were no intellectuals and no nationalist tradition as in Vietnam. Cambodia was not unlike Thailand in the period, also somnolent, and also under a dictator- Sarit. The Thais pretty much just got on with the status quo.

They were very laissez faire, you took what was coming and had the view that whatever happens just happens. But in Cambodia it was really foreign intervention and the developments in the Cold War that capsized a reasonably stable State.

Instead the Khmer Rouge chose absolute violence, which had nothing to do with the foreigners. If you want to look further into foreign culpability Sideshow is your recommended read. He also explores the results of the strange combination of American and Chinese agendas that were conceived in that era.

Cambodia was not the key to anything. Nixon just poured all this money and guns into this small ill-trained country and wrecked everything.

What makes it such a rounded work? She manages to tell the dramatic sides, the painful aspects, she builds up a very clear and moving picture. She worked in Cambodia in the early s so she got a feel for the country, she understood what had been damaged and how people were affected.

The 10 Best Books About the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia

It is a very effective book and I believe that it will stand up to the test of time. Nowadays there are many writers who are fluent in the language, and many if these have produced some excellent work in the fields of anthropology, history, politics and literature.

Some of the scholars belong to the Khmer diaspora. How will timeless Cambodia culture fare in the globalised reality? I think the old Cambodia I loved is on the way out, due to modern pressures. It will be sad if Cambodia becomes another globalised mess like other places that have gone that way, but there is no point sitting around talking about nostalgia.

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Top 10 books about Cambodia

David Chandler. Save for later site. Fatima Bhutto on The Politics of Pakistan. Karl Marlantes on The Vietnam War.

Elizabeth Harris on Introductions to Buddhism Books. Xinran on Understanding China Books.

Paddy Docherty on The Khyber Pass. Kaushik Basu on The Indian Economy. Roy Moxham on Indian Journeys Books.

Survival in The Killing Fields by Haing Ngor

Gady Epstein on China and the Internet Books. Bruce Riedel on Pakistan Books. Daniyal Mueenuddin on Pakistan Books. Lord Meghnad Desai on India Books. Julia Lovell on The Opium War.

Ian Buruma on Japan Books. Jeffrey Wasserstrom on Chinese Life Stories. Pankaj Mishra on India Books. Ma Jian on Chinese Dissident Literature.Dunlop's book is empathic, intelligent and a real page-turner. But it was not until I moved to Cambodia in that the country turned into something of an obsession. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Her mother and brother cynically tries to wring a few piastres out of the indecent affair. This book is absolutely great for a contextual study of Cambodia.

But it's also readable as a series of chapters, each dealing with logically divided periods of time.

In addition, Chandler examines the unstable but influential career of Prince Norodom Sihanouk, the bloody reign of Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge, and the relative calm that followed the Vietnamese invasion of