Nursing Leadership and Management. Amsale Cherie. Ato Berhane Gebrekidan. Addis Ababa University. In collaboration with the Ethiopia Public Health. Essentials of nursing leadership and management / Diane K. Whitehead, Sally A. Weiss, Ruth M. provide a strong foundation for the beginning nurse leader. PDF | Background: The leadership role in nursing reflects the complexity and rapid transformations which take place in healthcare.

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This deals with the application of the concepts, principles, theories and methods of developing nursing leaders and managers in the hospital. Nursing; Leadership; Management; Nursing Service, Hospital; Nursing, Supervisory; Available from: Pages·· MB·15, Downloads. Nursing leadership and management: theories, processes, and practice / by Rebecca Patronis Jones.

Department of Health and Human Services, said nurse managers are change agents. They work with staff to find and implement useful changes to improve patient wellness and safety outcomes.

Nurse managers also implement regulatory guidelines for patient safety set by state and federal agencies, such as the U.

They have to make sure the staff is educated on care standards and can implement them as needed. Traits of a Successful Nurse Manager Working as a nurse manager requires skills beyond clinical care. The job requires management skills, budgeting and business acumen and leadership qualities.

Communications and interpersonal skills are also vital.

The following characteristics are common among successful nurse managers: Effective Communication Skills — Part of being an effective leader is listening to staff and patient concerns and communicating needs. Nurse managers must be able to build solid rapports with all staff members, from the janitorial staff to head administrators, as well as patients to create cohesiveness. In other cases, they might have to advocate for patient safety and access to quality healthcare.

Nurse managers should not be afraid of using their voice and position. Nurse managers must have superior clinical skills to ensure patient safety and wellbeing. They encourage, empower, mentor, and find strengths.

They boost creativity and mindfulness. Belonging 4. Application for American Executives in A D 1,1 9,1. Concern for people 2. Concern for production They depicted these on a 9 x 9 or 81 square managerial grid. Impoverished Manager 1,1.

Country Club Manager 1,9. Organization Man Management 5,5.

Nursing Leadership and Management

Authority-Obedience 9,1. Team Management 9,9. Scope of Planning. Develop the purpose or mission statement, goals, objectives, philosophy. Collect and analyze data - external and internal forces. Write realistic and general statements of goal. Determine productivity goal. Freeform 2. Collegial 3. Project management 4. Task force 5. Positional — position is indicated 2. Functional — duties and responsibilities 3. Maintain 1. Neglects special simplicity. Makes clear 2. Overworks key division of people authority.

Depends upon 3. Relieves line 1. Makes relationship executive of more complex routine 2. Makes limits of specialized authority of each decision specialist a difficult 2. Provides coordination frameworks for 3.

nursing Leadership and Management

Teach toward applying expert centralization of knowledge organization. Enables specialist 1. Continues in organization even to give expert if its function are advise not clear 2.

Frees the line 2. Reduces expert executive of power to place detailed analysis recommendation 3. Affords young into action specialist a mass 3. Table 1.

General 3. Medical 3. A nurse manager must determine the following: Percentage of patients at various levels of care per type of hospital. All shifts 2. Off-duties 3.

Holidays 4. Leaves 5. Absences 6. Total number of working hours and non-working days and hours of nursing personnel per year. Vacation leave 15 15 2. Sick leave 15 15 3. Legal holidays 10 10 4. Special holidays 2 2 5. Continuing Education Prog. Holidays 12 3. Special Privileges 3 4. Categorize the patients according to levels of care. Find the of nursing personnel needed for bed capacity in a tertiary hospital pts x. Find the total of nursing personnel needed.

Relief x total immediate nsg personnel x 0. Total nsg. Categorize the nursing personnel into professional and non-professional.

Distribute by shift x. Ability to cover the needs of the unit. Fairness to the staff 4. Stability 5. Exhibit p. Self-scheduling …is a method of scheduling in which the nurse manager determines the needs per day and shift and the nursing staff schedule themselves to meet these needs.

Temporary workers …are contract workers hired from a staffing agency for a period of time that may be for one to several days or weeks. Temporary workers are not employees of the health care agency where they work.

Basic to planning for staffing of a division of nursing is the fact that qualified nursing personnel must be provided in sufficient numbers to ensure adequate, safe nursing care for all patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Types of Interview. Directive interview — uses closed-ended question Non-directive interview — the applicant narrates himself.

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Structure interview — the interviewer uses pre-prepared guidelines for interview. Group interview — several applicants or interviewees are interviewed together. Board interview — conducted by selected member of the personnel to an applicant.

Test Used in Selection of Applicant. For staffing 2. Program costing and formulating budget 3. Track changes in patient care methods 4.

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Determine values for productivity equation 5. Fairness not only to the employee but to the team as a whole. Diagnosis 2.

Mutual setting of objectives 3. Maximum information. Disatisfiers or hygienic — extrinsic salary, job security, working condition, relationships. McClelland theory — affiliation, achievement and power.

Arousal theory — focuses on internal process that mediate the effect of work performance. Identify problem 2.Shamian mentions? Health care practitioners communicate and share complete and unbiased information with patients and families in ways that are affirming and useful.

Even knowing where to get what you need to do your work is a relief of transition stress e. Figure Categorize the patients according to levels of care. Neeraj Chawla. Brendan Earley. Typically received by senior team members. Who can fire me?

Nursing Management - Concepts and Principles of Management.