To help you learn psychology on your own, Psychology: A Self-Teaching Guide Following each section there are one or se. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have “Once again Andrew Matthews has written words of wisdom and wonder. Follow your heart. Happiness Now - Andrew Matthews - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free.:).

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“Andrew Matthews makes simple what used to be complicated. Let him help you find purpose in your life and work in his marvellous new book, FOLLOW YOUR. Feb 20, ebook free download pdf file: HAPPINESS in HARD TIMES Andrew Todays site Daily Deal is Happiness Now (Free), By Andrew Matthews. To my precious wife, Julie: Thank you for your idea to create this little book, and thank you for editing and putting it together! ANDREW MATTHEWS author of the .

When you change your deepest beliefs about the world. Your life is a perfect reflection of your beliefs. But with keen observation. We might explain away these lucky breaks as coincidence. Once we make a decision to do a thing. But you do need a good plan!

Most people quit! To succeed at anything. Start every day with an intention to be balanced and peaceful. If peace of mind is your daily goal. Some days you will cruise through until bedtime. Your mission is to change yourself. Your mission in life is not to change the world.

You give your best not because you need to impress people. Whatever you do for a living is a vehicle to connect with people. The joy is in doing your thing and stretching because you choose to. Fred says: Once we have learned the lesson.. We are here to learn lessons. When we fail to learn a lesson.

And we never run out of lessons! God is never going to come down from a cloud and say: The question is always: The universe rewards effort. The law of the seed: You reap your harvest after you do the work. Doing what you love is not a recipe for an easier life.

It is a recipe for an interesting life. Many of us became different people in order to please everyone else. When life is sweet. We get hit by little pebbles — as a kind of warning. If we are honest. Life goes like this.

When we ignore the pebbles. Ignore the brick and we get wiped out by a boulder.. And then we have the nerve to say: Love is allowing people to be in your life out of choice. Loving people means giving them the freedom to be who they choose to be and where they choose to be.

When have you made the most important decisions in your life? When you were on your knees — after disasters. To make money and keep it. To find. If you have lost your life direction. Give yourself a break. Act as if every event has a purpose. Figure out why you needed an experience. It is about: Featuring 60 beautiful full color illustrations.

Happiness in a Nutshell and Being a Happy Teen are published in 35 different languages. His books. Happiness Now. Andrew matthews-happines in a nutshell. Flag for inappropriate content. Learn Five Languages of Apology for the Workplace. He seems to prefer the 'spent lights' of the sea-depths in "The Forsaken Merman" to the village life preferred by the merman's lost wife.

In his poetry he derived not only the subject matter of his narrative poems from various traditional or literary sources but even much of the romantic melancholy of his earlier poems from Senancour 's "Obermann". Prose[ edit ] Assessing the importance of Arnold's prose work in , Stefan Collini stated, "for reasons to do with our own cultural preoccupations as much as with the merits of his writing, the best of his prose has a claim on us today that cannot be matched by his poetry.

More recent writers, such as Collini, have shown a greater interest in his social writing, [22] while over the years a significant second tier of criticism has focused on Arnold's religious writing. In it, he attempted to explain his extreme act of self-censorship in excluding the dramatic poem "Empedocles on Etna".

With its emphasis on the importance of subject in poetry, on "clearness of arrangement, rigor of development, simplicity of style" learned from the Greeks, and in the strong imprint of Goethe and Wordsworth, may be observed nearly all the essential elements in his critical theory. George Watson described the preface, written by the thirty-one-year-old Arnold, as "oddly stiff and graceless when we think of the elegance of his later prose.

In his lectures On Translating Homer were published, to be followed in by Last Words on Translating Homer, both volumes admirable in style and full of striking judgments and suggestive remarks, but built on rather arbitrary assumptions and reaching no well-established conclusions.

Although Arnold's poetry received only mixed reviews and attention during his lifetime, his forays into literary criticism were more successful. Arnold is famous for introducing a methodology of literary criticism somewhere between the historicist approach common to many critics at the time and the personal essay; he often moved quickly and easily from literary subjects to political and social issues.

His Essays in Criticism , , remains a significant influence on critics to this day, and his prefatory essay to that collection, "The Function of Criticism at the Present Time", is one of the most influential essays written on the role of the critic in identifying and elevating literature — even while admitting, "The critical power is of lower rank than the creative.

He considered the most important criteria used to judge the value of a poem were "high truth" and "high seriousness". By this standard, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales did not merit Arnold's approval. Further, Arnold thought the works that had been proven to possess both "high truth" and "high seriousness", such as those of Shakespeare and Milton, could be used as a basis of comparison to determine the merit of other works of poetry.

He also sought for literary criticism to remain disinterested, and said that the appreciation should be of "the object as in itself it really is. Between and he wrote Culture and Anarchy , famous for the term he popularised for the middle class of the English Victorian era population: " Philistines ", a word which derives its modern cultural meaning in English — the German-language usage was well established from him.

Culture and Anarchy is also famous for its popularisation of the phrase "sweetness and light," first coined by Jonathan Swift. Kahan places Arnold's critique of middle-class philistinism, materialism, and mediocrity within the tradition of 'aristocratic liberalism' as exemplified by liberal thinkers such as John Stuart Mill and Alexis de Tocqueville.

Robertson in Modern Humanists was an aspect of the inconsistency of which Arnold was accused. We are not lone cogs in some giant machine. We are wrapped in one giant living, breathing blanket. Some call it consciousness. If every electron has a unique vibration, then every thing has a unique vibration. Whatever you have in your life right now, you created. With your vibration, you attracted it. This means that when you change how you feel, you change what shows up.

You may notice something. This is how you become a magnet for everything you want. In a Nutshell All that spiritual advice we heard over the years — that seemed like it was designed to punish us — actually makes us more powerful. What do serious business people say? He used his understanding of the subconscious mind to become the richest man in the world. Ultimately, Carnegie decided to share his success strategies. So he commissioned the young journalist, Napoleon Hill, to work alongside him and write a book to explain his secrets.

Carnegie introduced Hill to dozens of entrepreneurs, including Henry Ford. Nevertheless, most of the millions of people that read the book never achieved all their dreams.

I would picture myself working in a new company, and somehow it would happen, almost by magic and without effort. I would see myself living in an imaginary apartment and then find that apartment by accident. I would imagine parking spaces in impossible places and get them. If I wanted to read a book or watch a video, I would see it in my mind, and a stranger would miraculously give it to me, or I would find it in a secondhand store when I was looking for furniture.

The key always seemed to be: be happy, and relax into the knowing that it will happen. It is how I have mostly lived my life. I have also often wished I had a million dollars, but it never landed in my lap.

In your book, Follow Your Heart, you talked about attracting things. Is there a limit to this stuff? I want but not the million dollars? Feelings of disappointment, jealousy, boredom or desperation slow life to a crawl. The perfect example is a million dollars. Would you ever spend your time dreaming about a boxful of cash? A million dollars sitting in the bank might seem like a nice idea, but it will never give you butterflies in your stomach.

They dream about how they will make it and what they will do with it. They feel it in their bones. You need to feel yourself experiencing your goals. Photographs on your refrigerator help. Pictures of Alaskan cruise ships or your dream apartment keep you excited. Photographs on your wall, bathroom mirror, phone or screensaver of the special dog, horse, car, boat, helicopter, bicycle or guitar that you want to own, keep you on-track.

You order your favourite pizza. Fifteen minutes go by and no pizza. The ladies at the next table get their spaghetti marinara. I was here first! The ladies finish their coffees and leave. You are furious. You grab your coat and storm out. So what were you thinking about while you were waiting? You were thinking about your pizza for the first fifteen minutes.

After that, it was all LACK of pizza. So we keep moving away from what we want. So what are some typical LACK thoughts? How do you know these are LACK statements? Because when you repeat any of them you feel bad. And when you feel bad you get more lack. Thinking about the LACK of prosperity is the exact opposite to thinking about prosperity. It matters more than people ever imagine. Feast or Famine How often do you hear this?

Bill applies for twenty jobs in twelve months without luck. As soon as he gets hired, he gets three more job offers. He spent a year focused on lack.

A couple try for ten years to have a baby. Eventually they adopt — and immediately she gets pregnant! They went ten years with the feeling of no baby. When suddenly they had the joy and the feeling of having a child — baby!

It is so simple, it is ridiculous. If you feel GOOD when you are thinking about your goal, you are creating good things. You impress your subconscious by how you FEEL — nothing else. Your mission is to feel good every time you think about what you want. Most people do. In a Nutshell When you feel good, you are creating what you want.

He thinks about it once or twice. Fred soon gives up on the mansion. If you believe your goal is possible you feel good thinking about it. Because you feel good thinking about it, you often think about it. You are comfortable with it. We achieve goals with which we are totally comfortable. How important is belief? Where we grew up there were people who sang way better than we could — but no one believed harder than we did, and that belief was unrelenting.

You just keep on pumping out that vibration. If you believe it is perfectly possible, you enjoy thinking about it every spare moment. So believing it and feeling good cause it to happen. You feel bad thinking about it. How can I believe in anything good when my life has been so disappointing? You practise with everyday things. You practise feeling good with everything you do, every day. You set small goals, every day.

Step by step. For example: You need to make a speech. Ahead of time, you imagine yourself receiving congratulations from the entire crowd.

Diseases of the cornea

You play mental movies of your own success. You are about to drive your car through an unfamiliar city in rush hour and you are feeling nervous. You are worried about paying your bills. You begin to visualise paying those bills with a smile on your face. Week by week, you develop a knowing that life is somehow arranging itself to suit you. Go out and have, be or do anything you want. But you need to build your subconscious muscle. You need to refine your ball of energy.

How can I sell my house in a bad market? How can I possibly get a better job? How will I meet my perfect mate? The signal is everywhere, but it only resonates with televisions that are tuned in. When you assume the feeling of having found the perfect mate or job, your signal is everywhere — but you only attract the mate or boss who is vibrating at a similar frequency.

Successful entrepreneurs, authors, sports stars and happily married couples assume the feeling. In a Nutshell Your problem is not to figure out how. Your mission is just to assume the feeling. In I decided to write a book. I knew nothing about writing books. Since school I had never written anything longer than a postcard. All I knew was that I had a title — Being Happy! I wrote one page per day, before breakfast. I also made a cassette recording to play in my car.

For the whole of , I played this recording every time I got into my little red car. Well, actually, I only played it when I was alone — my friends seemed to prefer Dire Straits. In mid I sent my completed Being Happy! All I received were rejections. It seemed I had hit a brick wall. Being Happy! Would it have happened anyway? Fred was a dedicated golfer with dreams of winning the US Masters, and Jim had ambitions of becoming a top sports announcer.

In , Fred won the Masters. At the close of the interview they embraced with tears in their eyes, no doubt reflecting on how the imaginary scene that they had so often rehearsed in Houston had just unfolded before the world in Atlanta. Would Jim Nantz have achieved his dream without the play-acting?

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Would it all have happened anyway? In a Nutshell Everything is connected. Laws always work. The law of gravity is never broken.

It means that forces stronger than gravity are pulling the plane upward. Once there is enough momentum, the plane lifts off the ground. The law of attraction is the same.

You need momentum.

You plant your goal firmly into your subconscious. It is more like you go along for the ride. When you have the knowing that you will be successful — and it is only a matter of WHEN — doing the work is a joy. Doing your best is automatic.

Obviously, sometimes your plans are attached to a fixed date — a wedding, a speech or a tournament. It makes sense to see and feel those events unfolding perfectly, attached to a date. But in most other instances, see and feel your goals achieved and let them unfold in their own time. Just keep doing what works. I have all kinds of great movie offers. It was on one night during that year, sitting in his old Toyota looking down on Los Angeles, that he wrote himself a cheque. It was for ten million dollars, for acting services rendered.

Some people just know that thoughts are magnetic. Jim carried the cheque in his wallet. His asking price was now twenty million dollars per movie. What do people like Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey the first billion-dollar television host , Madonna million albums sold and Jack Canfield million books in print say about the power of the mind?

What you hold in your mind, you become.

A million other people have had better ideas than Richard Branson. Who do you want to believe? I was in a Kuala Lumpur shopping mall in when a man approached me. He was casually dressed but immaculate. I read your book twenty years ago. So I invited him to Starbucks. My family was very poor. When I was in university I was so poor that I owned just one pair of trousers.

I was so poor that my girlfriend would give me her shirts to wear. Many days I had nothing to eat. I began to understand that we choose our thoughts.

I travel the world. I have a wife and two beautiful girls. I felt so happy for Teuku. I must make two points here. Secondly, there is nothing new in my books. These principles have been around forever. So I keep that card on my wall to remind me how far I have come. When I had no job I would try to feel what it is like to have a job. When I was a worker I would try to feel what it is like to be a manager. What about those successful people who never read a book about the subconscious mind?

Some people are born knowing what took me a thousand books and thirty years to understand. The World Is Your Mirror Have you noticed that when you leave the office feeling irate, people abuse you in the subway? The reverse is also true. How different the world looks when we fall in love! The world is a mirror; what you feel inside, you get on the outside. Most of us learned things inside out!

They both work nine to five, but Bob gives her no help with the kids and no help around the house. Weeknights he goes drinking; weekends he goes golfing. She feels like a servant and she resents him. As long as she feels like a servant, she will be treated like a servant. For life to change, Carol has to value Carol.

The minute she feels worthwhile, deserving and loveable, she will find support — either from Bob or from somebody else. If you love yourself, people will love you. Whenever somebody wants to shift house, they ask you to pack and carry boxes. When people need a ride to the airport at 4 am, they call you. When you change, they change.

If you feel that you deserve to be paid nothing, you will find a boss who pays you nothing. If you ignore your feelings, you will get a job where people ignore your feelings. If you hate your big backside, you will find a boyfriend who laughs at your big butt.

When you accept your backside you will likely a change boyfriends or b discover that your old boyfriend has a new attitude. It was never about your boyfriend. It was always about your attitude toward you. If your boss demands better results, if your wife wants more from you, it is usually because in your heart, you want more from you. When you accept you, people accept you. In a Nutshell You create your world.

You just have to feel different. The Perfect Evening Life is always reflecting back to us how we feel. You call the restaurant to book a table. Fit me in somewhere! This should have been a great evening. You choose another restaurant. The food is greasy, the oysters stink, you argue with your wife all the way home and you wake up with food poisoning.

We should try something else. He recommends a new place that is even closer. The food is unforgettable. You chat with the couple at the next table and discover that they are your neighbours. If you believe that life is against you, it is. There is another way to live: believe that the Universe is plotting to make you happy. In a Nutshell The harmony you seek is not with other people; it is with yourself.

I was so proud and a little nervous. I washed and dried myself — and as I picked up my pyjamas, the sleeve knocked my beautiful birthday present face-down onto the tile floor.

It shattered. I was shattered. My first watch: given to me at 6. I cried and cried. How could life be so cruel? How often do we download something new and damage it within hours? When is our fear strongest? When something is brand new.

Last month my tennis buddy, Aldo, bought a brand new Mazda SUV, and within forty-eight hours some vandal scratched the entire left side with a key. That same week my friend, Frank, bought a Honda. Within twenty-four hours a lady remodelled his back bumper in the mall car park. We attract what we fear. Hell on the Highway Have you had this experience?

You drive to work every day for five years without incident. Then one morning you carelessly pull in front of a bus and almost cause an accident.

You are in shock. Within five minutes a truck swerves into your lane. You avoid it, but only just. Now you are in a cold sweat. Ten minutes later a kid on a bike almost collects your front fender. You have had no near-accidents in five years — and then three near-misses in twenty minutes! Everything you experience comes about because you are feeling confident, nervous, vulnerable, inadequate, excited, loved; you are creating your reality.

Does this sound cruel, blunt, scary? It is physics, and it is great news. Would you rather believe that, regardless of anything you think and feel, you have no protection from disease and no defence against accidents? You are more than a physical body with a brain. You are a magnet, a transmitter.

When you are joyful, happy and grateful, you somehow connect with other people and experiences that match your energy. See Yourself Protected Many people like to imagine themselves as divinely protected. They make it a habit. When they are walking through a rough neighbourhood or driving on the highway, they will visualise themselves as surrounded by a protective white light. The value in visualising the protective white light is that it changes how you feel.

When you feel calm and protected, you are protected. Rather, fill your mind with thoughts of health and happiness. Some preachers tell you to fear God. That has to be a recipe for disaster! In a Nutshell If you think about what you want, you attract it. Thoughts and feelings? Or action? When you build a house, you create a solid foundation that no one sees, and on that solid foundation you erect what everyone sees — the house.

The same principle works for whatever you want to do.

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If you want to find a wife, write a best-seller, start a company, have surgery or cycle safely through Europe, you need a solid foundation. On that invisible foundation you build what the world sees.

Many people forget the foundations. They are all action and effort. They race around trying to make something happen on no foundation, and the walls keep falling in. Why an Invisible Foundation? Doors open. It is called synchronicity. Your foundation is you being excited and uplifted, getting the feeling of meeting fascinating people, tasting exotic food, returning healthy and refreshed. You set it up in your mind.

Your thoughts create the feeling.And who do you think were the happiest? So I wrote another book and sent that one out to publishers. He provides the tools — with a touch of humour — to make the medicine go down with remarkable results.

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Niki Ferenczi. Once we have learned the lesson.. But all you need is ONE really good reason why you want something! Last year I returned to school and did my two final years of high school, crammed into one. Etty Marlyn.