The Official K53 Learner's and Driver's Made Easy (Extract) - Read online for free . To pass your learners licence test, you must know: the rules of the road; road (PDF ebook) Please note: The National Road Traffic Act . The Official K53 Learner's and Driver's Made Easy (eBook) available to download online at Many ways to pay. Non-Returnable. We offer fast, reliable . The Official K53 Learner's and Driver's Made Easy (eBook). Format: Adobe DRM PDF; Download Size: MB; Not compatible with: site, Digibook, Verso.

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The new official k53 manual for the learner's and driving The New Official K53 Manual for K53 learners made easy | k53 learners training We at Sim U Teach . This title only comes in the PDF eBook format, which doesn't work on this device. Title details for The Official K53 Learner's and Driver's Made Easy by Clive. PDF | Driving has become more and more popular with increasing populations and Randomstruik () The Official K53 Learners & Drivers Made Easy.

ImmeDIATe FAIlURe Light anD heavy motor vehicLes the test will be stopped immediately in the event of any of the following: using a vehicle that is not licenced; using an unroadworthy vehicle; a violation of any traffic law, road sign, signal or road marking; an uncontrolled, dangerous action on your part; an avoidable collision; bumping any obstacles, mounting the kerb or touching boundary lines during the test; not successfully completing a manoeuvre within the maximum number of attempts allowed; allowing the vehicle to roll forwards or backwards during the test; inability to perform a hand signal when instructed to do so; mechanical failure of the vehicle during the test; scoring more than 50 penalty points in the yard test penalty points are indicated in brackets on the test assessment checklist at the back of the book ; exceeding the absolute time limit of 20 minutes 59 seconds allowed for the Pre-Trip Inspection and Yard Test.

Only one attempt each is allowed for moving off, turning left and lane change to the right, and three attempts for speed control, provided that no immediate disqualification has occurred.

The Official K53 Learner's and Driver's Made Easy (Extract)

Part two: falling off or allowing the motorcycle to fall; exceeding 90 penalty points; touching a boundary line; rolling backwards or forwards when moving off; disregarding a traffic law, road sign, signal or road marking; carrying out an uncontrolled or dangerous action; not wearing a suitable safety crash helmet.

Only three attempts are allowed for each of the manoeuvres in this part of the test, provided that no immediate disqualification has occurred. If you are disqualified for any one of these items the test will be stopped immediately and you will have to re-apply to do the test at a later date after more training and practice.

You will be expected to know this system thoroughly and to apply it in the correct sequence during each manoeuvre and aspect of the test while maintaining a clear space around your vehicle at all times. A hazard is anything that could cause you to reduce speed or change direction.

Hazards include: intersections, vehicle and pedestrian entrances, pedestrians, animals, other vehicles, cyclists, poles, signs or any other fixtures.

Each manoeuvre has its own specific sequence of actions that form part of the defensive driving system. These sequences, which are explained in the pages that follow, must be followed. The following table explains the terminology used to describe the sequence, and shows the icons that will be used to help you. Look to the front, to the sides, in the mirrors and the blind spots so that you know whats going on all around your vehicle and to see if it is safe behind you.

Your wheels should always be straight when you check in the blind spots.

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Look in the mirrors Look in the rear-view mirrors to see if it is safe behind and alongside the vehicle. Check the blind spot s Turn your head and look over your shoulder into the blind spot on the side to which you intend moving to ensure that it is safe to change direction. On approach, check under the vehicle for leaks or obstructions. Unlock all the doors. Inspect the vehicle for possible damage from the top to bottom, in an anti-clockwise direction.

Ensure that the mirrors are not broken, and are secure and clean. Check the windows and windscreen for damage and cleanliness.

Check the wiper blades for damage and leave them extended during the inspection. Check the tyres for damage, wear, tread depth, valve cap and inflation. Check the wheels for damage, grease or oil leaks, and the wheel nuts if no hub cap is fitted visual inspection only. Check all the lights, lenses and reflectors for damage, and that they are secure and clean. Check the vehicle for damaged or loose panels or grilles.

Make sure that the bonnet, bumpers and exhaust are secure. Make sure that the number plates are secure and clean and that the light is working. Check that the licence disc is valid and secure. Check the doors for opening, and the operation of the window winders and seat belts for stability and damage.

Check any information plates and chevrons for damage, cleanliness, stability and validity. Mention that the oil, water, brake fluid and fan belt have been checked. Mention that the spare wheel, jack and wheel spanner should be checked. Check that the fuel cap is secure. Interior inspection After the exterior inspection you will be asked to get into the vehicle and operate the lights, indicators, wipers and hooter horn. Operate the controls as required and then conduct the interior inspection.

From the driver's seat, ensure that the parking brake is applied and that the gear lever is in neutral or P or N for automatic vehicles.

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Check for obstructions inside the vehicle. Check for warning lights and gauges, where applicable. Adjust the seat to the correct driving position and set the mirrors for maximum rear-view vision.

Turn the ignition key to the on position without starting the engine. Check the operation of any electric windows. Check all the instruments on the instrument panel and mention any changes. Check the operation of the front and rear lights, indicators, horn and wipers.

Switch the ignition off and return all switches to the off position. Check the steering for excessive free-play.

Check the pressure on the brake and clutch pedals. Now also includes a handy loose insert that contains information about the official computerised test questions. Taken together, the text, illustrations and self-tests are designed to reinforce the learning process and make it easier to pass the learner's or driver's test first time. April 1, Formats PDF ebook. Law Nonfiction. Law Nonfiction Details Publisher: April 1, Availability can change throughout the month based on the library's budget.

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Try refreshing the page.Neither of these. Error loading page. The headlight of a motorcycle must be on all the time while riding on a public road even during the day.

Turning right will take you towards Richards Bay along Route Mention that the battery should be checked for damage, security and fluid level. Part two: a practical driving test in traffic road test.

Check to make sure that the jack is perpendicular to the ground.