Ghost Rider (Collection) (): Ghost Rider is the name of several fictional supernatural antiheroes when appearing in comic books. A mysterious object from space crash-lands in southern California, drawing some of the brightest minds in the Marvel Universe to Ghost Rider's. Get FREE DC and Marvel Comics Download only on GetComics. road of destiny when he becomes Marvel's newest GHOST RIDER!.

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Read All-New Ghost Rider comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed , unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. is the source for Marvel comics, digital comics, comic strips, and more featuring Iron Ghost Rider: The War For Heaven Book 1 (Trade Paperback). With "Agents of SHIELD" adding Ghost Rider to its roster Season Four, new comic book readers and established ones alike might want to.

Jones was one-half of the team called the Gunhawks , along with his former friend, Kid Cassidy , whom Jones had believed dead. Cassidy was revealed to be alive and the leader of the Nightriders; he was killed, and Jones retired.

As he explored the site, he found a large burial urn and from it appeared the ghostly garb of his ancestors Carter and Lincoln Slade. Possessed by the spirits of his ancestors, he became the new version of the Phantom Rider, and rode off to rescue Johnny Blaze, the current Ghost Rider, from one of his foes. He was killed by Crossfire as the exorcism was being completed.

Slade[ edit ] Main article: Hellfire J. Slade , introduced in The Mighty Avengers 13, to be part of Fury's team against the " Secret Invasion " of the shape-shifting alien Skrulls. He has superhuman reflexes and the ability to cause a chain to ignite in flame and cause massive damage. Hellfire goes on to make numerous appearances in the ongoing series, Secret Warriors.

While she was examining an urn belonging to the Slade family estate, Lincoln Slade's spirit possessed her, transforming Jaime into the new Phantom Rider. Claiming to be both "the spirit and the heir", the Phantom Rider teamed up with Crossfire to battle the heroes Hawkeye and Mockingbird.

Jaime's father, Hamilton Slade, attempted an exorcism which would rid his daughter of the possessing spirit. Hamilton was successful, but was killed by Crossfire as the exorcism had been completed.

Ghost Rider (Collection) (1967-2012)

Jaime regained her senses to see Mockingbird stand over her father's dead body and believed the Avenger was responsible. Now, he also has new abilities including hellfire breath, the ability to produce chains from either his throat or chest, and the ability to travel between incorporeal realms.

Danny Ketch When Ketch transformed into Ghost Rider, his clothes changed with him, taking on the appearance of a spiked leather jacket with chains, gray leather pants, and spiked gloves and boots. Along with flaming wheels that allow the bike to nearly fly across surfaces, the bike included a shield-like battering ram on the front.

As the Ghost Rider, Ketch used a mystical chain which responded to his mental commands.

It could grow in length, alter direction while in the air, stiffen into a staff or spear, and separate into several links which can strike like shrapnel and then return to their original form.

Daniel's most famous power was the Penance Stare. By locking eyes with a target and mentally focusing, the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider was able to make the target experience all the pain they had ever inflicted on anyone else.

Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze): Comics

However, some beings have shown resistance to this ability, such as Venom and Carnage as their alien symbiote "costumes" do not technically have eyes; and Madcap who is so masochistic , he claims to enjoy the experience. In the Fantastic Four animated series, this ability was shown to be powerful enough to bring down the mighty Galactus, as Ghost Rider forced Galactus to feel the pain of all those who had died as a result of his feeding on their planets; as Ghost Rider put it, "A billion souls".

This display of power, though, appeared to simply be a rewrite for the animated series, as the original storyline in Fantastic Four issue has Doctor Strange casting a spell that causes all of the souls of those Galactus had killed by his feedings to be visited upon him at once.

Originally, this incarnation of the Ghost Rider could only be summoned if Danny was present when "innocent blood was spilled" an innocent simply being threatened was not enough , at which time Danny had to touch the gas cap of his motorcycle for the transformation process to occur.

Later, he was able to summon the Ghost Rider without touching the gas cap but still needed to wait for innocent blood to be spilled.

Later still, he was able to summon the Ghost Rider by willpower alone. Regardless, he gives Robbie several abilities similar to that of other Ghost Riders, including the power to manifest and control chains ending in thin knives or sickles.

The car can also be driven remotely, and Robbie's Ghost Rider form can pass harmlessly through it, allowing it to drive into foes. The car's trunk, when opened, acts as a portal, allowing the Ghost Rider to transport anything, including people, to any location. Though it is initially unknown if Robbie's Ghost Rider form possesses the divine powers of his predecessors, he eventually displays the ability to use the Penance Stare during a battle with Star Brand.

His Ghost Rider form also displays the ability to change into a more powerful and demonic form when Robbie is sufficiently angered. He possesses powers more in line with those of the Zarathos version of Ghost Rider, although he also possesses the Penance Stare and his motorcycle seemed to share characteristics with the Noble Kale version.

His appearance is distinguished by a deep purple skull, large fangs protruding from his upper jaw, and backswept curved horns on the top of his skull.

In his superhuman form, Badilino was called Vengeance, and originally attempted to kill the Ghost Rider, believing him to be Zarathos. Vengeance later became the ally of Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze.

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It could grow in length, alter direction while in the air, stiffen into a staff or spear, and separate into several links which can strike like shrapnel and then return to their original form. Thank you. As the demon Kazaan literally tries to bring about Hell on Earth, Johnny Blaze, who has been trapped in hell for two years, makes a deal with the angel Malachi: It pulls no punches and doesn't sugarcoat the issues of its two prevailing themes: