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a irmandade da adaga negra livro 9 pdf

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Sara, die kleine Prinzessin: Scarica Alla ricerca di don Chisciotte. Un viaggio nella Mancia: Claudio Visentin. Depending on the hydration conditions, the band is more or less intense and the position of the maxima is slightly different for each aggregation species.

Microcrystalline Chl a hydrate deposited on a germanium ATR plate showed in the infrared a large structureless band centered 3 cm- indicative of bonded water molecules unpublished results. To remove water, the sample is placed in a high vacuum of lop7Torr for more than 72 h. The dryness of the sample was further substantiated by a test with SO2 vapor that showed no reaction unpublished results , whereas, in the presence of water, Chl a reacts with SO2 to give pheophytin a 7.

The influence of water on mono- and multilayers of Chl a obtained by the Langmuir-Blodgett technique have been reported previously 7, 8.

A fresh multilayer kept in a moist atmosphere showed in the infrared a broad band centered at cm-' which disappears rapidly under a vacuum of lop3 Torr 7. A fresh monolayer deposited on a germanium ATR plate and placed in the dry sample compartment of the spectrometer showed no band in the OH stretch region 8. The only study of the interaction of water with another metallic porphyrin is an X-ray diffraction study on a magnesium tetraphenylporphyrin MgTPP made by Tirnkovich and Tulinsky 9.

The presence of water was confirmed by density measurements carried out by flotation in aqueous silver nitrate solution.

The lack of other studies is probably due to the insolubility of most porphyrin molecules in ir organic solvents. In order to understand the interaction of water with the Mg atom in a porphyrin environment, we studied by ir spectroscopy a model molecule, a synthetic liposoluble magnesium porphyrin, MgTHTMP Fig.

I , in which the absence of other polar functional groups would limit the interactions of water to the Mg atom site and to the. This work was intended to verify the assignments reviewed above and to complement our knowledge of HMg interactions in chlorophyll. For comparison, we have obtained the ir spectra of several other metallic porphyrin compounds. The results of these experiments will be given and a model of the interaction between water and MgTHTMP will be presented.

Experimental 2.

All manipulations of this compound have been done under red light because solutions of MgTHTMP are sensitive to white light. The samples were dried in a vacuum desiccator over CaC12 before recording the spectra. Elemental analyses were made by Guelph Chemical Lab. Read more. PDF kB - Department of computing science. White Christmas. L' amore si moltiplica. Infinity War. Film Drammatico. Guarda Video Trailer. Billy Elliot Universal Pictures. The Hours Miramax Home Entertaiment. Molto forte, incredibilmente Warner Home Video.

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